Strategic Marketing Makes the Difference
Your aircraft deserves the time and attention you expect. To ensure it’s premium presence in the marketplace, Express Jets will use a variety of media and marketing tools. Our proven approach includes:

- Website Presence Featuring Color Photos/Specs
- Blast Advertisements
- Premier Magazine Advertising
- Brochures, Pamphlets
- FBO Advertising
- Direct Mail Outreach
- Contact Networking with Local Buyer
- Dedicated Sales Team Focused on Your Aircraft

Get Started With Express Jets

The key to a successful marketing plan is to make information available, clear and convenient. The Express Jets team maintains a collective database of more than 75,000 current and former owners to keep informed. Corporate aviation has a unique community, and we believe we have the best ways to access it.

To request a media package with examples of how our strategic marketing has worked for our clients, please contact us via email at sales@expressjets.com. We invite you to experience the Express Jets difference!